Billboard Hot 100 #1 Hit of the Year Band Member Partners with UREEQA

Kitchener, ON, Mar 3, 2021 – (ACN Newswire via – When it comes to musical artists, Bryce Soderberg is a veteran. Not only is he a member of Lifehouse, a band that had a Billboard Hot 100 #1 Hit of the Year, but he has also had massive success as a multi-platinum producer and songwriter in his own right. Now he is choosing UREEQA to protect his body of work.

The relationship between technology and musicians has been tumultuous over the course of recent history. Advancements in technology have allowed musicians to experiment with different sounds, create new instruments and even genres. Without technology, musicians would not be able to capture their original sound and compositions to be cemented in history. Evolving from records and eight-tracks to compact discs and now digital files.

For as much as technology has supported and advanced the careers and capabilities of musicians, the music industry is one which has suffered greatly under the reign of technological advancements. The very nature of how sound is recorded and shared leaves it vulnerable to be stolen and infringed upon. Ever since the personal computer became a household item and the internet has been able to connect people, these tools have been harnessed as a means of stealing music.

Not only does this interrupt the deserved revenue stream of these artists, but it also gives them less creative control. In this way, music can be used without the artist’s permission in other forms of media. For an artist’s work to be used without permission can be an extremely violating experience. Creators deserve not only to be compensated for the use of their work, but to hold a certain amount of control over when, who and how their work is used.

The UREEQA platform will help to repair the relationship between music and technology. We are excited that UREEQA’s value is being seen amongst musical artists already.

Bryce Soderberg, an acclaimed multi-platinum producer, songwriter, and longtime member of the band Lifehouse. Yes, that Lifehouse, that had a Billboard Hot 100 #1 Hit of the Year says he is most excited about having “the ability to buy and sell rights to creative work” that have been validated.

Bryce went on to say that UREEQA provides “a more reliable and transparent platform for collecting payments on the Creator’s terms”. The simplicity of the UREEQA platform empowers Creators by giving them more control over their work, their rights and their revenue.

The UREEQA platform will also provide a space for artists to organize and store creative work. Almost like a digital gallery, for Creators of all different mediums. Bryce is also excited to have “the ability to have an online environment to organize [his] work as [it is created]”. The platform is quick and simple to use. UREEQA will be a one stop shop. Artists can store, organize, validate and sell their work – all in one convenient place.

Alhtough we are built on the Ethereum blockchain, we want to make sure that UREEQA is a platform accessible to everyone. UREEQA is also for those outside of the crypto space, and can be used by anyone from a variety of creative backgrounds, all over the world. Part of the issue that UREEQA will solve are the barriers faced by those in developing countries to protect their work. UREEQA will be simple, fast and cost-effective.

We are currently on-boarding Creators and Validators in a variety of backgrounds, and many Creators have already pledged assets to be Validated on the platform. We look forward to being the go-to place for Creators to protect their work. With accomplished and talented artists such as Bryce Soderberg, we’re in good company on the platform already. Stay tuned to find out who else will be joining Bryce.

About Bryce Soderberg
Bryce Soderberg is a Canadian songwriter/producer and the long-time bassist for multi-platinum recording artists, Lifehouse.
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The UREEQA platform harnesses the power of blockchain technology and the blockchain community to empower creators to protect, manage, and monetize their work. Established in Canada in 2020, UREEQA will attempt to modernize the inefficient and bureaucratic systems currently in place for intellectual property protection. UREEQA provides value and opportunities for its Creators, Validators and Tokenholders via URQA, the token at the heart of the UREEQA ecosystem.

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