The Wuling COVID Testing Cars will be delivered at the end of May

HONG KONG, May 23, 2022 – (ACN Newswire via – On May 13, Guo Yanhong, the supervisor of the Medical Administration and Hospital Authority of the National Health Commission, said that it is beneficial to establish COVID testing stations within a 15-minute walk in big cities for people to carry out COVID test nearby at the press conference of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council. In this context, “normalized COVID testing” and increasing the number of COVID testing places have become one of the key tasks of epidemic prevention and control.

According to the official account of Wuling Motors (, a Hong Kong-listed company, Wuling Industry, a subsidiary of Wuling Motors Holdings Limited, acted quickly to help build COVID testing stations within 15 minutes of walking in response to the call of ‘dynamic zero-COVID’ policy and ‘normalized COVID testing’ policy. In two days, Wuling Industry completed the design of the COVID testing car. After contacting relevant people of Wuling Motors, the second-generation Wuling COVID testing car will be put on sale at the end of May. It is now accepting reservations, and the sales consultation call is bursting. Also, Wuling Motors related people shared with us the design drawings of the second-generation Wuling COVID testing car, which continues the consistent style of the national car. The second-generation Wuling COVID testing car is supposed to be flexible, affordable, convenient, and user-friendly. According to relevant sources, the estimated standard price of the first batch of the second-generation Wuling COVID testing cars will not exceed 100,000 RMB, and the specific price will vary according to the configuration status of the model.

According to the data of the National Coronavirus Detection Information Platform, as of May 11, 2022, there had been 13,000 medical and health institutions and 153,000 technicians providing COVID testing services across the country, with a total testing capacity of nearly 57million tubes per day. Tens of thousands of “Dabai” across the country have contributed to fighting against the epidemic diseases. However, there is no doubt that COVID testing points are high-risk areas, which makes countless “Dabai” face the virus directly. In addition, “Dabai” need to wear protective cloths outdoors at high temperatures in summer. High frequency is required to the testing work. Wuling Industry timely launched the second generation Wuling COVID testing car with air conditioning to improve the safety factor of “Dabai” in work and solve the problem of “Dabai” working at high temperature in hot summer.

It is reported that Wuling Industry has quickly remodeled a batch of COVID testing cars and put them into use in Fujian, which brings convenience to the people of Shishi City, Fujian Province. Wuling Industry’s COVID testing cars make COVID testing accessible to every person within 15 minutes of walk, serve the people with whole hearts, and ensure that all those in need are tested.

In order to provide a safer, faster, and more comfortable environment for testers, Wuling Industry quickly launched an upgraded product, the second generation Wuling nucleic acid testing car. The second generation Wuling nucleic acid testing car can take 4-6 staffs and serve two persons at the same time. It is equipped with functional facilities, such as closed sampling cabin, air conditioning and ultraviolet disinfection,etc, to meet the needs of sampling, transferring samples and terminal disinfection in the whole testing process. The staff can adjust the temperature in the car without being infected and work more comfortably as if they are indoors, which not only ensures their safety, but also improves the work efficiency.

It has been more than two years since the global epidemic. COVID testing plays an important role in epidemic prevention and control across the country, as it enters the fourth stage of “dynamic zero-COVID policy” of all-round comprehensive prevention and control. In the post epidemic era, COVID testing is normalized. The COVID testing car can better serve the people and testing work. COVID testing car will be closely related to our daily life. It is worth mentioning that Wuling Motors once again accurately launched the “car people need”. The successful establishment of COVID testing car in the front line of epidemic prevention and supply can help quickly realize the layout of temporary testing points and the integrated operation of reagent and sample delivery and collection, further improve the efficiency and epidemic prevention safety of COVID testing. Wuling Motors will become one of the solid forces in building the 15-minute-of-walking COVID test station.

The concept of COVID testing car is superimposed. In the past few days, it is reported that a new round of “cars to the countryside” policy is expected to be introduced in early June. On May 17, 2022, affected by favorable policies, the passenger car stocks with the concept of nucleic acid testing car all rose sharply to varying degrees, while Wuling Motors (00305. HK) in Hong Kong stocks rose by 25% in heavy volume. Will Wuling Motors, with 20 years of experience in producing special-purpose cars, usher in a new trend and surprise us?

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